About us

For more than 60 years, the Nicolosi Family has been delighting guests with the vibrant flavors of Italian cuisine and an absolute devotion to exemplary service. Founders, Tom and Mary Nicolosi, started a catering business in 1950 with nothing more than a large pot and recipes brought to life from memory of homemade cooking from generations past.

Tom and Mary opened the ballroom in 1978 on a quiet street in West Deptford, NJ. Here they intended to transport guests to another world – the warm richness of their roots in Sicily. In passing down the family business to their sons Alfred and Michael, their philosophy was, and remains the same: “Let our family serve your family.”

Since then, the ballrooms have been beautifully transformed, building upon the experience from back then in a more modern way. Nicolosi’s reflects the infectious enthusiasm owners/chefs, Alfred and Michael, take in bringing the Italian tradition of fine food and hospitality to your table. Simple, straightforward, wholesome and always fresh – it’s the Nicolosi tradition.

From day one, guests received close personal attention, from the friendly greeting at the door to the great care taken during each event to ensure absolute comfort and pleasure. That same spirit has never faltered, and explains why our patrons are among the most devoted and outspoken about their memories of their event and relationship with the Nicolosi’s.

Let our family serve your family.